1. General provisions

1.1. The stated amount of goods to be purchased is displayed with a time delay and can differ from the actual availability stock.

1.2. When the order has been processed, the goods are not booked yet. Purchase Agreement is considered to be concluded (to become effective) once the order status is changed into “paid”.

1.3. Disputes arising from the orders and purchases between a customer and dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) shall be resolved through negotiations. Should Parties fail to reach the agreement, they have the right to seek legal redress for rights violation in the Department of Consumer Advocacy or in Tallin City Court. The Parties act within the relevant legislation of the Republic of Estonia when settling the disputes.

2. Price

2.1. All stated prices include sales tax valid for the Republic of Estonia.

2.2. Prices you see in the Product Catalogue on our website are given in Euros. They do not include transportation costs.

3. Payment

3.1. Prior paying the invoice, a client is obliged to check and to ensure that all given information is relevant and corresponds to the actual order. Due invoice date is 5 working days from the order issue date. The order will be processed once dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) receives the stated sum on its account. If the invoice remains to be unpaid after the due date, the order is automatically invalidated.

4. Delivery

4.2. Pickup. Katleri 17, 13915, Tallinn, +372 5912 6880.

4.3. Pickup. Pallasti 37, 11416, Tallinn, +372 5191 2210.

5. Packaging

5.1. Dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) recommends to keep the original packaging of the goods, if a need to transport the goods for warranty repairs arises. 

5.2. Do not remove a series number or any other important information required for goods identification from the goods.

6. Cancellation of an order

6.1. A client has the right to cancel his/her purchase within 14 calendar days from the date of receiving the goods. A client is obliged to notify dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) about his/her intention to an email info@dim.ee. The seller asks to state the reason for returning the goods in the application form.

6.2. In case of order cancellation, a customer shall cover all postal expenditures connected with the goods return in the sum of up to 10.- EUR, except for the cases when the returned goods do not match the order.

6.3. When the Agreement is terminated, the purchased goods shall be immediately (not later than 14 calendar days) returned.

6.4. The price of the returned goods shall be transferred to the Client’s account at the earliest possible opportunity, but not later than within 14 working days once the Seller receives the goods. The Client covers the costs accompanying the return of the goods.

7. Return of goods

7.1. Returned goods must not be used and must be in their original packaging:

7.1.1. if the fact of using the goods becomes known,  dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) sticks to the reasonableness principle, that is, if the goods should be tried to check its applicability, these goods are considered to be not used;

7.1.2. a customer shall open the original packaging of the goods carefully and does not damage the packaging. If the packaging is not supposed to be opened, then the returned goods must be in the original packaging;

7.1.3. the goods shall have all manufacturer’s labels, plates, including a series number.

7.2. 14-day cancellation right is not exercised towards the following goods:

7.2.1. goods manufactured to meet the personal needs of a customer or special conditions stated by the customer;

7.2.2. audio and video files, software in case a customer opened packaging and/or activated a product;

7.2.3. magazines, books, and other periodicals.

8. Warranty

8.1. Dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) does not perform warranty repairs. The repairs are done by the authorized Service Centers. If there is none, repairs covered by the warranty are performed with the support of dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) supplier’s or manufacturer’s repair shop.

8.2. Warranty period starts from the moment when a client receives the goods specified in the invoice/delivery document. A manufacturer is responsible for the goods within 6 months.  

8.3. Warranty repairs are performed if the invoice/delivery document, warranty  certificate issued by dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) and the faulty device are at hand. Please ensure that the series number on the faulty device is not damaged. If the serial number is damaged or unreadable, then a Service Center or dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) has the right to invalidate the free warranty repairs.

8.4. A client must deliver the faulty goods to a shop.

8.5. If a device is unrepairable, and/or production of this device model is closed, then a supplier (importer) / manufacturer exchanges the device to a similar product with the same characteristics.  

9. Liabilities of the Parties

9.1. Dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) is liable to a client, and a client is liable to dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) for the damage incurred by the other party by the violation of the present Terms in cases and to the extent stated in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

9.2. Dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) is not liable for the damages incurred by the client or for the delay in goods delivery in case the damages or delivery delay are determined by the circumstances which dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) cannot change, and which occurrences dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) cannot predict and foresee.

10. Personal data protection

10.1. With registration in the Internet-shop and making purchases, dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) keeps client’s personal data (first name and surname, postal address and email, phone number) and all information about the purchase. All data received from the client during order processing are considered by dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) to be personal data of a client and processed as confidential information under the Law of Personal Data Processing for the best planning of purchases and for the analysis of the consumer habits. dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) does not provide third parties with the obtained data, except for the minimum data required for the goods delivery.

10.2. A client has the right to look through the data held by dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ), as well as to ban its further processing.

10.3. Encoded data transfer channel between dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ) and banks guarantees that no third parties, including dim.ee (D.I.M. SERVICES OÜ), get an access to the personal bank details of a client.

11. How to make an order

11.1. Add the selected goods to the cart.

11.2. Enter obligatory personal data on the checkout page and check your agreement with the website purchase terms. Click “Confirm my order”.

11.3. A client will be redirected to the payment page.

11.4. Once the order is paid with the selected payment method, the screen will display the order confirmation  which is also sent to the email provided by a client.

11.5. In case of any failure during payment, the order processing is stopped.

11.6. If the order is prepared for a longer time than usual, or some problems arise due to some problems in preparing an order, the Seller immediately contacts the Client and also discusses the order execution terms.

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